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Sit back and don't relax. A multi slam winner and runner up in the 2020 UK Slam! Jemima Hughes is a performance poet who will drag you through the “mindfield” of the unorthodox. Her work emphasises mental health awareness and covers taboo subjects such as sexual violence, mental illness and suicide. Jemima will take you on a journey through her own experiences, providing a relatable outlet and encouraging conversation. Always a gripping performance, she will leave you questioning whether she meant to do that or whether she needs to go and have a lie down. Not for the faint hearted, but always from the heart.

photo by Marcus Hood


photo by Tim Horgan

Photo by: Tim Horgan


In other's words...

“Jemima Hughes is an exciting, up and coming writer and performer whose work is as fiery as it is tender, inspiring in her ability to hold an audience safely whilst exploring subject matters that make your insides tingle and writhe with relatability. Her transparency is moving and admirable. The rhythm and musicality of her words are present on both page and stage, each word rooting its own place and significance, each adding depth to the stories she tells of journeys; of vulnerability; of fear and bravery, and most of all, of resilience. Jemima has already made huge leaps in her career and will only continue to thrive. But for me, she is still tea, warm winter fire and cosy chit chats at her core.” 


- Nafeesa Hamid

"If you have ever seen a choir of fireworks set to spinning wheels illuminate a night sky and observed new alphabets emerging from a flurry of shadows and sparks, then I say you are close. Dancing a personal and relatable modern narrative of light and dark, Jemima is a convincing and courageous modern storyteller. Jemima is a voice that paints horizons you will want to visit and share."


-  Paul Point

"Well, where to start with this review…
If you've had the pleasure of seeing Jemima perform then you'll know what it's all about, right?
As she says herself ; sit back and don't relax!... and if you haven't seen her, well you need to remedy that ASAP!

Pin back your ears wide open, grab hold of the arms of the chair you're sitting on and be prepared for a fast paced, poetically masterful performance with the enviable brilliance of sublime rhymes and rhythm.
Jemima has the ability to tackle the most difficult of subject matter with skill and uncompromising honesty.

I've had the opportunity of, more than once in the last couple of years, promoting Jemima Hughes through events that I've hosted and run.
Jemima has the ability to keep an audience gripped throughout, with new, fresh material at every turn which will keep you wide eyed.

Honest and Uncompromising. Punchy and Delicate. Talent and Class."

- Scott Cowley aka The Rusty Goat.

“Storm Jemima is a surge of intensity gathering on your horizon. It is a tumbling of sentiments and sincerity of message, getting harder to ignore, always ready to drop. Nothing looks quite the same after it hits.”


- Jasmine Gardosi

"Jemima is one of the most exciting young performance poets to hit the scene. Her poetry grabs the audience by the throat and shakes them in the best possible way! Jemima's performances will take you on a journey you will never forget... But buckle in tight because it can be a bumpy ride!"


- Nick Lovell

"Jemima's work skips simply asking for attention or demanding it and instead goes straight to your bones and makes itself comfy there. An arresting performer with an outstanding record of hearts broken, minds opened and mouths shut, the ferocious drive and work ethic demonstrated by Jemima is indicative of how much their work must be believed in and heard. Tender and touching and outspoken in equal measure, their poetry is not to be missed so get better aim."


- Sam J Grudgings



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